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Our mission is to provide immersion language acquisition programs for children in a fun and nurturing environment that fosters multiculturalism.


Fall session starts soon

Language Kids World provides immersion language acquisition programs for children. W
e seek to provide children with an experience that goes far beyond language alone. We believe our future generations will become better aware of the diversity and value different cultural backgrounds.

At Language Kids World, we are passionate about languages and multiculturalism, and teaching them to children in fun and meaningful ways. We are currently offering Spanish, Mandarin Chinese and  French and  language immersion programs for preschool and school-age children. We also specialize in tutoring children from 2 years old all the way to middle and high school students.

Some advantages that follow from learning a second language at an early age are:

Early second language study enhances children’s understanding of how language itself works and promotes achievement in English vocabulary and reading skills

Children who learn a second language are more creative and better at solving complex problems

Lifelong ability to communicate with people from other countries and background

Children that study a second language show greater cognitive flexibility, better problem solving and higher order thinking skills

Children learning a second language have better listening skills and sharper memories than their monolingual peers

Children who are exposed to a second language at a young age achieve higher levels of cognitive development at an earlier age

Bilingualism fosters the development of verbal and spatial abilities

Improved academic performance

Offering foreign language study, demonstrates to children and their families that languages other than English, and cultures other than the mainstream, are also valued

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